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Impressive Sights in Tokyo Japan

Japan is a unique country with an impressive capital. Of course we are talking about the world metropolis Tokyo. Here, one highlight meets the next and one does not even know where to look first. That’s why I show you my Top picks for the most fascinating Tokyo sights.

With almost 10.000.000 inhabitants, Tokyo is the most populous metropolis of Japan and a must for every trip to Asia. Here, a highly modern city with the latest technology and grandiose architecture meets a protracted culture with Buddhist temples and a pronounced faith. Hardly any other city offers as many contrasts as Tokyo. Whether you are passing a turbulent intersection with 1,000 other people, looking out over the city from a viewing platform or walking in a romantic park, the city has so many surprises in store. In my travel magazine I present you my Top picks Tokyo sights. So be curious!

Map of Tokyo Sights

So that you can find all the important Tokyo sights quickly, I have put them together for you in a map. Enjoy your tour through Tokyo!

Shibuya Junction

Self Growth in Shibuya is probably one of the most famous and busiest districts in Tokyo, which you shouldn’t miss during a visit. No matter where you look, everything here is simply incredibly fascinating. Everywhere there are glowing billboards, huge skyscrapers, countless Japanese and tourists, some dressed in bizarre clothes, and right in the middle the world-famous Shibuya intersection. Millions of people pass the road here every day to get to the other side.

At peak times, with only one green phase, up to 2,500 people can cross the intersection. Unbelievable, isn’t it? If you want to see the hustle and bustle from a bird’s eye view, and this is definitely worth it, then you should pay a visit to the Starbucks there. The glass building can’t be missed from the intersection and from the first floor you have a unique view of one of Tokyo’s most popular sights. Unfortunately, this is no longer an insider tip, which is why the shop is always crowded, so bring some time with you!

If you’re already nearby, it’s also worth going to the Shibuya train station. There are so many railway tracks that you almost can’t count them anymore. So be careful not to get lost in this huge complex. At the station forecourt there is another highlight of Shibuya.

The world-famous dog Hachiko in the form of a bronze statue is watching over there. In the 1930s, the real Hachiko picked up his master every day from the station, even when he had already died, and that for over ten years. The statue commemorates this faithful companion. Touching, isn’t it?

Sensō-ji Temple

Even if today Tokyo enjoys the status of one of the most modern cities in the world and offers some highlights in architecture and technology, the culture and history of the city should not be underestimated. Especially the Buddhist faith plays an important role in the life of many Japanese and so the temples have an enormous importance for all believers.

But even if you’re not a believer or Buddhist yourself, you shouldn’t miss this part of Tokyo. The Sensō-ji temple was founded in the year 628 and is therefore the oldest and most beautiful temple of the city. You enter the temple, coming from Asakusa station, through the Kaminarimon Gate (Thunder Gate), which in itself is a tourist attraction.

The huge red lantern in the middle of the gate arch is simply impressive. From the gate you reach the Nakamise (shopping street), which invites with its many colours to the souvenir shopping. After 200 metres you reach another gate, the Hozomon, or Schatz gate, which is no less impressive than the first one. To the left of the gate you can see the five-level pagoda, which contains numerous relics and images of Buddha, but is closed to visitors. On the other side of the gate you’ll find the large main hall Hondo, where you’ll have the opportunity to pray after learning about the traditions and order.

The best view of Tokyo

The city of Tokyo is basically a sight in itself. The size of the city is truly overwhelming and how better to overlook it than from the top of one of the many viewing platforms. Here are my favorites:

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo’s television tower, 634 meters high, is the second largest building in the world, directly after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Here you have the possibility to overlook the city from two different platforms. The first one is 350 meters above sea level and costs 2000 Yen (approx. 15€) for adults. If you also want to go to the higher platform at 450 meters, it will cost another 1000 Yen extra (about 23€ in total). If you don’t feel like waiting for a long time, there is also the option to pre-order fast lane tickets online for another 1000 Yen (approx. 7,50€).

Tokyo Tower

At the sight of the Tokyo Tower, one quickly has the feeling to have changed the country and to be in the middle of the French capital in front of the Eiffel Tower. And not without good reason: The Tokyo Tower is a successful copy of the real Eiffel Tower, but eight meters higher than its original.

A special highlight is the Top Deck Tour with many specials. The upper deck reopened after renovation work in March of this year and is truly worth seeing. A tour costs 2800 Yen (approx. 21€) for adults. The Main Deck on 150 meters height costs 900 Yen (approx. 7€) entrance fee for adults.

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